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Auction Phone call in number: 848-777-1212 then dial Access Code 1889-2020# Please place phone on Mute when not bidding on a tract.

Important COVID-19 Virus update: Auctions are still scheduled to occur and may be held outside on the courthouse steps or at other locations in some counties. Please check for location information with the office in case it has changed. The state will also be accepting telephone bids if cell phone service allows it. A conference call will be active for each auction at 848-777-1212. Then dial access code 18892020#  .    This will be an open conference line with a staff member from Pierre coordinating the call and      Mike Cornelison at the county location and also accessing the conference call. This is a new process so the state cannot guarantee cell service at each courthouse. You may also call in to another person attending the auction   to place a bid on your behalf.  If you are a high risk person and need special accommodations please contact us prior to the auction .        

2020 State Land Lease Auction Schedule

2020 State Land Lease Auction Parcels



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To ensure efficient and superior management of school and endowment lands and trust funds owned and administered by the State of South Dakota.



12 minute video of SD School and Public Lands with Rob Monson, Executive Director of School Administators of South Dakota (SASD)